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Women must know self's breast shape when choose lingerie, which one do you belong to

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Female friends want to create the perfect golden ratio body, choose a cheap sexy lingerie must according to their own breast shape, Do you know what kind of breast shape your most fascinating breasts belong to? Hear small as we enumerated several you are belongs to which.

  Observe their breast shape, first take off the underwear, hands naturally hang down, the feet closer, relaxed but upright standing, slightly raise your chin, under normal circumstances the mirror sideways relatively easy to determine.

Breasts shape generally divided about several cases:

  Plump breast shape: breast shape hemispherical bottom of the larger radius, breast uplift larger and full, the highest point in the upper arm, chest, the midpoint of the horizontal line.

  Small breast shape: conical or disc-shaped chest, conical lower or bottom breast uplift small, but the overall straight, chest, upper arm midpoint of the highest point of the horizontal line, disc-shaped breast uplift is not high, but the bottom is not small, like a thin layer of two plates hung on the chest, so that breast shape will expand outside of the phenomenon, it is best to choose underwear gather effect.

  Sagging breast shape: breast uplift, but the vertex position is very low, lower than the highest point of the shoulder to the waist in the center of a downward hanging shape.

  Want your curve is more perfect, or want to improve the site is not ideal, it is necessary according to their breast shape condemnation it.

  For the full type generally choose lingerie full cup breasts or 3/4 cup bra sets, wide shoulder straps, four-breasted, side effect of a good income can be fixed chest fat; small chest of women lingerie to choose option 1/2 cup , do not choose too tight underwear breast; chest outside the extended type of women gather to elect election lingerie lingerie model better; sagging breasts of women must choose a steel ring underwear, preferably a bigger yard, four-breasted such a pulling effect will be better.

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