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Body piercing: The new way to look trendy

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1 Body piercing: The new way to look trendy on Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:08 pm


Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification.It refers to putting a hole in the ear, usually the lobe, in order to wear jewelry through the ear. Early evidence of ear piercing was found in Persia. In the ancient periods it was used as more of an indication of culture and tradition. But with time it developed as a style statement and an indication of the personality. But these days' ear piercings can cause some serious infections to your ear lobes. So before going for an appointment with your salon make sure if he is following the safety rules. He/ she should use sanitized equipments. The pins or the automatic instruments being used should be sanitized. This is the reason why ear piercing became commonly available in physician offices. it is also not very heavy and keeps a comfy temperature in all kinds of weather.

Wood being the easiest material to work with and most reasonable makes the wood piercing jewelry and other stuffs made out of it cheaper than the other raw materials.. But today it is being done with the help of sophisticated instruments. When you Buy Ear Piercings and go for ear piercing you should go and consult a doctor first because many a times the body rejects piercings.

There are also some extreme forms of piercings like theBone Piercings. Yes that seems sound horrible. Men and women are ready to take the extreme step to get trendier. If your mind is asking the question, whether that hurts? Then I will say that it does hurts. Many of your friends after going for bone piercing will try to show up a brave face. But I have confirmed with a few people that it does hurt. There are various forms of bone piercing like surface piercing. But sometimes the body rejects foreign body materials and then it can very risky. It will cause some serious infections. That is the innate tendency of the body or it can be called as the internal rejection capability to a foreign body.

The practice of tattooing and piercing is widespread in tribes throughout the world. Tribal Piercings are also seen in many tribes in India. But these piercings are not confined to the tribal areas today. Many youths of urban areas are going for tribal piercings too. This has become a new trend. Nose piercings were found in African tribes. Intricate designs were found in the Polynesian tribes. In these tribes usually the size of the rings indicated the wealth of the family.

A woman from a wealthy family used to wear a bigger ring. The tribes of America used to go for the traditional tongue piercings. When the British sailed around the globe they learnt about this piercing tradition and brought this to England. So this is the origin of the piercings in England. Celtic tribes wore intricate spiral tattoos beneath the skin. It would not be possible for me to cover every aspect of body piercing but I have included some examples to give you an account on body piercing. Other people are reading here.

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