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Safe keeping for exceptional jewelry

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1 Safe keeping for exceptional jewelry on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:05 pm


The color black has been associated with a variety of opposing ideals for hundreds of years, but overall, black accentuates the designs in luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Patak, Philippe, Panerai, or Breitling. Part of the color is associated with the scientific idea of black holes, holding with it mystery. Phrases such as black death have brought negative connotations to the color black while recent society has changed the meaning entirely to something of power and formal elegance. The remaining meaning, throughout all of these changes, however, is for grief. No matter the meaning, black jewelry boxes are seen everywhere.

The color black, when used for displaying luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Patak, Philippe, Panerai, or Breitling has a psychological effect in that it makes people feel inconspicuous and gives them a sense of endless possibility. Throughout China, the color black is associated with directions, seasons, and elements of the world. Aztecs used black obsidian to make their swords. Ironically, many people think that black boxes weigh more than white or any other colors, even black jewelry boxes. Seeing as it is associated with finer sophistication and power, black jewelry boxes carry with them the same meaning. Placing your luxury watches within a black box warrants a feeling of superiority. It makes you feel untouchable, and your luxury items therein, invaluable. For musicians, black jewelry boxes match the required black performance wardrobe and are inconspicuous within luggage.

Black jewelry boxes are very conservative and match any d├ęcor. Natural black makes the black jewelry boxes look bigger than they are. In Western countries, young people view black as the color of anarchy and rebellion, hence black jewelry boxes being famous among teens and young adults for very different reasons. Black jewelry boxes can be well accented when combined with other colors for unique fine jewelry or exceptional jewelry storage. The other colors can come in the form of decoration upon the black jewelry boxes themselves. It can also be a mere bright red scarf placed underneath the box to accent the color. Other options to accent the black jewelry boxes include displaying jewels which contain bright stones such as the primary colors, as well as green, orange, or purple. Gold is well accented when combined with black and can be used as the decoration for the keyhole, assuming the black jewelry box locks or closes. It can also be the outline on the black jewelry boxes. Be sure to avoid matching the black jewelry boxes with similarly dark colors such as dark blue, brown, or gray.
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